Monday, March 14, 2011

Untying the knots

"In a knot of eight crossings which is about the average size knot, there are 256 different over and under arrangements possible...Make only one change in this over and under sequence and either an entirely different knot is made or no knot at all will result."  The Ashley Book of Knots

Life is amazing - like the knot - you turn right you turn left - the decision can determine everything. A chance meeting -the unknown entities.  I will not even apologize (to myself) for not having made an entry in (four months?). Once again fear is getting the better of me - along with technophobia.  After a several month lull in creating art which caused me growing concern (have I lost my talent forever?!) along with the prospects of producing yet another piece which would find its home within the drawers of my flat file (getting crowded in there) - I have returned ( a trip to Paris helped) with a resurgent but albeit modest degree of enthusiasm. Forgive the many parentheses.  This has also been fueled by the positive energy of my next door studio friend Carol. Are you reading this Carol? Carol is a fabulous sculptor  - five feet tall , who with her power saws and heavy chisels creates 8' wooden sculptures of interesting people each with its own personality.

Carol and I recently discussed the 'artspeak' version of the old adage  - "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?." If art is created and no one sees it 'does it exist?' or 'should it exist?' I think I have long exhausted the "I am doing it for myself" theory. If one person is moved by a work is that the same as 50 or 100 moved? We concluded (maybe we had to ) that one is enough. Now I have to convince myself that I really believe that. No matter - I'm working again! This year I am trying for two!

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