Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even scarier

"The worst thing that being an artist can do to you is that it would  make you slightly unhappy constantly"  - J. D. Salinger  - De Daumier Smith's Blue Period.

In the Studio, Etching

Let me pessimistically add: for the rest of your life. Although trying hard to dispel the myth. This is the 2nd installment of the already stalled blog.  My mind is scattered, unfocused, searching for the hook that will reel me in to the real. I have about 100 yet un-scanned pieces of art. It will be a slow and steady stream of imagery until a story  will unfold and becomes told.  A peace-offering to my soul. Imagery as poetry? 

I am hard on myself enough without the extra scrutiny, hyper- self-focus and perfectionist problems.  I finally figured out that,
despite controlling my art, I could not carry this over to my life.  Someone once said and I misquote - " art is 10% talent and 90% staying power." This is the truth. Although no one could have persuaded me to do anything else at the time, I probably picked the wrong profession.

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